The Ministry of Public Education (MEP) serving Costa Rica is an educational organization with 80,000 employees. MEP is the technical and administrative body responsible for the accreditation, supervision, auditing, inspection, and control of private schools, beginning with preschool.

The problems faced

MEP is a government agency supported by five data centers and 181 servers. Previously, the MEP IT team did not use a monitoring solution to manage its network infrastructure, resulting in blind spots that translated into frequent downtime. Further, MEP’s network admins were not able to gain visibility into their network which made forecasting for current needs and future growth extremely difficult.

How OpManager helped

Choosing ManageEngine OpManager helped MEP reduce network downtime, gain more visibility into bandwidth and traffic, improve troubleshooting, and reduce its operational costs. MEP IT technicians and network admins use OpManager every day to monitor their switches, routers, WAN, servers, VMs, services, processes, databases, URLs, files, and folders.

The added advantage

MEP uses the ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer add-on for OpManager to help the IT team identify and avoid bandwidth delays by systematically measuring bandwidth utilization and traffic in real-time. The add-on accelerates troubleshooting and resolves bandwidth issues faster, all from a single console.

OpManager features a variety of metrics for multiple performance monitors, threshold analysis, custom notifications, alarms, workflows, and more. To learn more about OpManager and see how it can help manage your network better, download a free, 30-day trial, or register for a free demo.