ManageEngine, which started out small a couple of decades ago, now solves the IT management problems of millions of customers worldwide by providing complete, simple solutions. The story of our growth is one that we’ll always be proud of. But this story is built on years of learning, unlearning, and refining our processes. The stories of our internal struggles have made the story of our success possible and taste a lot sweeter.


While we have given you software solutions to your IT problems so far, we realized that we can do much more. Our knowledge and experiences have been the cornerstone of our success in the playground of IT management software. We decided it was almost an injustice to keep this knowledge to ourselves anymore. That’s why we’re launching ManageEngine Academy—an IT thought leadership content hub for C-suite executives and IT leaders.


ManageEngine Academy will give you unrestricted, free access to our expertise in IT process control, and the frameworks, blueprints, and methods that have made us a successful software enterprise. You also get the full view of the transformation stories of our IT journey: the highs and lows we faced in setting up our IT processes, the mistakes we made, and the lessons we learned. We invite you to visit ManageEngine Academy and subscribe to get stories delivered straight to your inbox.