Connect S.P.A. is a European IT company offering services in networking, wireless, security, monitoring, data center, and servers. It has two data centers and nine servers. Before finding OpManager, the IT company was using a network monitoring tool, but it did not offer enough visibility into its network, which made it difficult to troubleshoot and fix recurrent network issues. This led to unpleasant network downtime experiences, especially since the tool Connect S.P.A. was using then also did not support multiple vendors.

The OpManager advantage

Connect S.P.A. instantly upped its game with OpManager, which supports devices from multiple vendors and manages network devices and servers efficiently. Network admins at Connect S.P.A. report that OpManager checks that devices and servers are up and running at all times by sending a ping to the monitored devices every two minutes. The network admins don’t have to be physically present to monitor the availability of devices.

Connect S.P.A. also uses other ManageEngine solutions, including Network Configuration Manager, the configuration change and compliance management tool, and OpUtils, the IP address and switch port management tool, both of which are integrated with OpManager.

 The icing on the cake

After deploying OpManager, Connect S.P.A. estimates it’s saving $10,000—$17,000 in downtime expenses, $2,000 from eliminating or delaying additional hardware purchases, and $5,000 on the cost of maintenance annually.

 OpManager comes loaded with a variety of metrics for multiple performance monitors, threshold analysis, custom notifications, alarms, workflows, and more. To learn more about OpManager and see how it can help manage your network better, download a free, 30-day trial, or register for a free demo.