Capterra, a leading web-based service that helps users find the best software in the market, frequently publishes reports on the top software in a particular field. We’re happy to announce that we were just ranked number two in Capterra’s list of the top 20 IT asset management (ITAM) tools

The team at Capterra evaluated ITAM software from several vendors to find the 20 most popular and handy ITAM tools. They compared products across a range of criteria, from functionality and user base to social presence. Their findings revealed that ManageEngine is a favorite ITAM vendor with over two million users and counting

What sets us apart? The ITAM solutions we offer help manage the complete life cycle of IT hardware and software assets from a single console. We also keep our products tightly integrated with IT service management (ITSM) capabilities to offer top-notch service delivery for IT support teams. 

We’re happy to offer two ITAM products: AssetExplorer, our exclusive ITAM tool, and ServiceDesk Plus, our flagship product. The ITAM process begins with automatic asset discovery, or adding assets to the inventory, goes on to asset maintenance with meticulous asset tracking, and finishes with managing assets until they’re disposed of. With either of our ITAM tools, all these capabilities come in a single package that is at once user-friendly and affordable.  

Another significant capability of our ITAM tools is integrated software asset management (SAM), which allows IT teams to achieve software compliance and ensure that they’re audit-ready at all times. This functionality allows them to track software usage patterns and licenses, preventing unnoticed license expirations. Both our ITAM products also come with a built-in configuration management database (CMDB) that IT managers can use to visualize asset relationships, thereby linking IT asset management and IT service management to minimize the impact of changes on IT infrastructure. 

While Capterra’s report substantiates users’ love for our industry-leading ITAM products, our constant effort to make AssetExplorer and SericeDesk Plus bigger and better continues. To learn more about IT asset management in ServiceDesk Plus, click here

Read the Capterra report.

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