For the IT world, summer vacation has been cut short this year due to recent ransomware and malware attacks. WannaCry jump-started the security frenzy in May, when over 400,000 machines were infected with ransomware that exploited a known Windows vulnerability to attack computers by using administrative privilegesNinety-eight percent of those infected were using Windows 7, and over 150 countries have been affected so far. 

But the most unsettling part of the WannaCry attack was that many of the infected companies could’ve easily prevented the attack with a single patch. And since WannaCry, there have been countless malware attacksfrom the Sudo flaw to Petyathat basic security measures, updates, and patches could’ve prevented

So why hasn’t everyone started taking serious preventative measures? We know that IT security can be tricky to navigate, so at our annual User Conference this September in New York City, we’ll delve deeper into security issues and endpoint management. We’re taking charge to combat these recent attacks with interactive education and impenetrable IT solutions, including enterprise mobility, patch management, and OS deployment.

At our User Conference, you’ll learn how endpoint management software, including Desktop Central, can help protect companies from ransomware and other malware by detecting vulnerable computers, deploying critical patches immediately, and blocking vulnerable firewall ports. 

Don’t forget the many security vulnerabilities that threaten your network, too! We’ll be showing attendees how EventLog Analyzer can help them audit log data from their vulnerability scanners to provide a single, unified view of all their network’s vulnerability points. And did I mention file server auditing? Our experts will also be teaching a thing or two on FileAudit Plus, our tool that provides a real-time alerting console for instantly detecting ransomware attacks on your file systems. 

Basically, whatever the security threat is, our products will be there to defend your system and protect your company, and our User Conference will help you get the most out of your ManageEngine products. So what are you waiting for? Come reap the benefits of endpoint management and IT security education at our NYC User Conference and better yet, let us help you become an even better security pro so that you don’t become a part of the malware news.

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