Real-time Traffic Reporting

We live in a world where everything is LIVE telecast. This being the London Olympics season, no matter where you are, thanks to the WorldWideWeb, we can virtually be part of every event from wherever we are. No action or no moment will be missed. Leave alone London Olympics, be it Prince Charles’ wedding or a historic oath taking ceremony of the American President or some finale episode of the 25th year of the Oprah Show, everything is available LIVE.

The LIVE feel is important as it has a time component associated with it. That one historic moment which is lost will never repeat itself ever again. When this is the case for events that directly don’t affect us, one can imagine the case for our very own networks we rely on day-in and day-out.

Network traffic has diversified itself into different kinds of useful, useless, harmful, harmless etc. As an IT Administrator, a real-time view of the network and its happenings is very important in order to ensure that it is productively used. Setting up an IT network and maintaining it is quite capital-intensive and to ensure maximum RoI, real-time monitoring is very essential.

NetFlow Analyzer’s traffic reports help a great deal in getting real-time visibility into traffic by means of speed, utilization, application, source, destination and more. These reports enable the IT administrator to view any kind of traffic information that he wants at any given time. There is also provision for historical traffic analysis and based on that he could plan for the future.

A great deal of valuable information can be mined from these reports:

  • Peak usage hours
  • Application usage trends
  • Link usage effectiveness
  • Protocol usage trends

This helps a great deal in knowing your network better and helps in fine-tuning it for better performance.

Thus, once again, it is the power of analytics that makes all of this possible. Do leverage the power of analytics to get real-time LIVE visibility into the network.