Analytics for Enterprise Network Usage Effectiveness

Businesses are embracing Networks as if they were made for each other. The network complements the business with benefits in terms of better operational efficiency, improved productivity, easier ways to communicate etc.

In a typical Corporate setup, everyone from the Security at the gate to the Chief Operational Officer in a plush cubicle needs access to the Enterprise network. The network penetrates into every strata of the organization and this calls for a huge demand for bandwidth. The all pervasiveness of the network has broadened the bandwidth requirements & hence additional costs are involved.

The biggest challenge at this stage is ensuring effectiveness of network usage. When effectively used, the investment on networking infrastructure & resources becomes a revenue boosting investment. When there is no effective usage, the investment becomes a cost overhead that carries forward every wasted second as time is money. Unmonitored and haphazard use of the Enterprise network increases the monthly bills, kills productivity and defeats the entire purpose of such an investment.

When monitoring becomes such an important requirement, it puts immense pressure on the IT network Administrator to ensure sufficient bandwidth to all those that require it. Speed, availability and seamless performance are critical things one has to ensure as an IT administrator.

This calls for a mechanism that will continuously monitor bandwidth usage patterns on the network. Insights from different perspectives become an important need to effective network monitoring.  It is at this point that ‘Analytics’ comes into the picture. Collecting vital data about network usage and discovering information from the collected data to present it in meaningful forms to enable effective monitoring is the magic wand to solve the ‘Ensure Effective Usage’ problem.

Key Takeaways:

  • Network penetration – Every level of the Organization
  • Each one has his way. But is it the way you want it to be?
  • Monitoring becomes a priority and not just a need
  • Intelligent monitoring -> Analytics

The next part will deal with the differences between ‘Dashboarding and Reporting’ versus ‘Real Analytics’.

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