A tip from Scrat on CMDB

ManageEngine | October 10, 2011 | 1 min read

Yes, I mean THE Scrat from “Ice Age” movie. Yes, CMDB as in Configuration Management Database.

One of the key elements of CMDB is the relationship between the configuration items. In the video, say Scrat is the asset manager(just an example!). Scrat has a new asset (another Acorn) which needs to be placed among other assets (IT infrastructure). But notice that he does not have an relationship map. He roughly picks a spot, which he deems fit, and tries to plug in the Acorn. It pops out, an incident. He fixes it again, it pops out again, a Problem. He tries again without analyzing the root cause and the Acorn pops out again. Finally, when he tries really hard to push it back in without understanding the relationship between the other assets, the whole network comes crashing down.

The tip!

Understand your infrastructure and keep the relationships between configuration items in mind before adding /modifying any asset in your infrastructure.



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  1. Walid Zniti

    This is an excellent example to show the importance of the CI and the understanding of their relationship.

    Well DONE. Keep it up