It’s raining iPads

ManageEngine | June 22, 2011 | 1 min read

What’s with the recent display of so much love in the form of iPads towards  prospects. Recently, I came across at least 3 big brands giving away iPads to prospects and customers, asking them to enter a competition. Of course, there is a fine print involved!

Agreed, iPad2 is awesome! But, when an awesome “free” giveaway (iPad2 in this case) is given to you on purchase of a product, you might want to consider the free-give-away theory. 

1. The value of the giveaway (iPad2) is inversely propotional to the performance of the product (psst: iPad2 is an awesome giveaway)
2. The product isn’t good enough, hence the free giveaway.

I will let you draw your conclusions!

You know a good product when an end user speaks well of it, because the user loves it. A case in point is how Xirrus, through an iPad, uses ManageEngine to monitor their network during tradeshows. [See video]

Which is easier: giving away iPad’s or making a better product which people talk about?