The biggest hurdle an Managed Service provider faces every day is  fetching Emails from multiple accounts and routing them to appropriate queue. In fact most of the MSPs have a helpdesk coordinator or an agent whose day to day job is to read each and every incoming email, classify them and assign them to appropriate queue. Some MSPs even use multiple tools to manage multiple accounts. Now we have brought an end to this fiasco by introducing multiple Email account management in ServiceDesk Plus – MSP, which lets you to fetch email from multiple accounts at the same time and dispatch it specific to their account queue respectively.

Acme is an MSP which manages five different clients, let me explain how Acme uses ServiceDesk Plus – MSP to implement multiple email tenancy functionality. Acme  has a parent email account which is configured in the mail server settings so that any email sent to this email address will be fetched into the application and will be converted into a ticket.

Acme has configured the five different email address specific to each account as shown above, so that any ticket sent to this address will be fetched and assigned to the respective queue. This is how it works,  Acme has configured the settings in their mail server in such a way that all the emails from these five different email account  is forwarded to the parent Email Account. All these tickets will be fetched from this parent email account into ServiceDesk Plus – MSP. With the “To” address information from the fetched ticket, ServiceDesk Plus – MSP routes the ticket specific to the email address configured for each account and assigns it to the respective queue.When replied from ServiceDesk plus- MSP, it automatically replies to the original sender i.e the client’s mail address.

Further Acme uses the business rule functionality to classify, route the ticket specific to each group & technician. Thus Acme automated their Email dispatch process and now is using their resources more efficiently. Don’t take my words, Download Trial  and evaluate now for free.