Microsoft zero-day vulnerability, Follina (CVE-2022-30190), exploited in the wild: Here’s all you need to know

Follina—while we’re sure this commune in Italy is lovely, the same can’t be said about this new vulnerability by the same name for InfoSec folks. Thanks to a zero-day bug in the Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool, Follina is now making …

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Cyber risk score: Learn how to quantify your organization’s cyber resilience

Imagine you’re applying for a loan. One of the important criteria required to obtain approval is the credit score. The higher the credit score, the higher your chances for getting a loan.

Similarly, imagine you’re selling a product on a

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ManageEngine is at COMEX Technology Show next week

We’re excited to participate in the COMEX Technology Show from 23-25 May 2022 at the Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre.

The Oman technology revolution is here, which includes plans to digitize government operations; invest in cybersecurity solutions, data management solutions, …

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Chip away at age old-password problems by reinventing your security strategies

Secure passwords


Despite wide-spread knowledge on the risk of using a weak password, 123456 is still a common password in use by a number of users. You’re probably wondering who would still use this password. Well, close to 103 million people …

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Are your Apple devices safe from the latest vulnerabilities?

Apple has recently released OS updates for multiple operating systems, addressing known and exploited security vulnerabilities along with previously unknown ones. During the past week, various data security organizations like the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and Indian Computer …

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VLAN monitoring in OpManager

A local area network, what we know more commonly as a LAN, is a network that comprises devices based out of the same geographic location, enabling communication between them. The virtual counterpart of a LAN is a virtual LAN, or …

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Why a software self-service portal is a must

Imagine you’re in an airport and going through security. Why do you have to go through such rigorous checks? These security checks protect the passengers and the aircraft themselves from accidental harm and possible crime. 

Assume you’re in the office …

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Catch up with ManageEngine at the IDC Bahrain CIO Summit 2022 this month

We’re excited to participate in the IDC Bahrain CIO Summit 2022 on May 18, 2022 at the Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay.

The Bahraini government is looking to provide the right ecosystem for accelerating innovation in all segments of society. …

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A practical approach to Active Directory Domain Services, Part 5: Replication in Active Directory

This blog series on Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) is designed to help you gain a good working knowledge of what Active Directory (AD) is. Each successive blog sheds light on some aspects of AD. All blogs are curated …

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