One-third of businesses depend on end users to report application performance issues

Nearly one out of every three businesses (32%) become aware of most application performance issues from their end users, according to a recent ManageEngine Application Performance Monitoring Survey.

Given the relative maturity of the application performance management (APM) market, …

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UserConf vignettes.


We just wrapped up our user conference  on IT service management (ITSM), and boy, it was one phenomenal experience. It was  amazing and reassuring to see the faith our customers have in us, and that was in

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Join Us for a Free Seminar & Workshop on Real, Continuous AD Auditing

Active Directory change monitoring has become a tricky business. No matter how hard you try, eventually something vital slip through the cracks. But the truth is, it need not be that way.

ManageEngine ADSolutions has cracked the code to implementing

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Salute the “Lord of the Links” on World SysAdmin Appreciation Day

While you get a pat on your back, they disappear in the shadows of the server rack.
While the office celebrates your success, they never claim their part in it.
While you are hailed a hero, no one recognizes the …

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IT Security: The New Target for CEO Performance

As Gregg Steinhafel steps down as chairman and CEO of Target, we’re witnessing more than just an act of contrition for one of the largest and most costly data breaches — ever. We’re witnessing the evolution of data breaches, …

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The lighter side of IT history



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Five Lessons IT Can Learn from Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird

Hi, my name is Mason, and it’s been 36 minutes since I last played Flappy Bird. My current high score is 24.

If you are anything like me, playing the latest viral mobile app phenomenon, Flappy Bird, has …

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Microsoft Under Nadella: Reimagining Mobile and Cloud, Finally

Well, the white smoke from the Microsoft CEO search chimney signaled this week that the company had finally selected a new CEO – Satya Nadella. The selection and the speculation about who would be named CEO of the venerable software …

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Smartwatches, Google Glass and the Wearable Technology Chocolate Box

At $8 billion in 2013 revenues (projected), the wearable technology market is nascent but promising. By 2017, revenue from these new devices is projected to grow to $20 billion.

Numbers like that are just one of the reasons I get …

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How Business Users Compete With IT Teams (And How IT Can Win)

Successful companies know the importance of technology in business today. Nearly every aspect of those organizations has been automated in some form or fashion, from manufacturing to sales to customer service and beyond, to reap productivity gains. What many companies …

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