The Power of Analytics Series – Part III

A dashboard is extremely important for a vehicle on road. It helps monitor critical parameters like fuel level, speed etc. Imagine riding a car without a dashboard and the consequences are as undesirable as it could get. The dashboard assumes …

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Talk to ME Tuesday: How Do You Fix a Broken IT Organization?

ManageEngine is excited to announce a brand new blog series called Talk to ME Tuesday. Each week we’ll discuss interesting topics from the world of technology with you, the people that live and breathe it everyday. So get ready to

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The Power of Analytics Series – Part II

Dashboarding & Reporting versus Real Analytics

The volume of traffic related data on the network is too big. The mere multitude of applications and the data packets they contribute make it. Handling big data can be quite challenging and analyzing …

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Make Sense of Video Traffic with Cisco Medianet and Mediatrace

There are many ways to monitor video traffic on a network. Jean-Charles Griviaud, Product Line Manager in Software Division at Cisco in charge of L7 services argues that Medianet has a better way.

Medianet is a framework to simplify video …

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How do you manage emergency access to IT resources when an administrator is away?

Assume one of the administrators in your IT department happens to be away from office and an emergency situation arises when you need to access some of the IT resources owned / controlled by that administrator. What will you do …

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Improving Network Performance with Medianet Media Awareness

One of ManageEngine’s key partnerships is with Cisco’s Medianet, which is an architecture for managing your video. At Cisco Live 2012 in San Diego, California, Patricia Costa, Product Manager for Medianet at Cisco showed off Medianet Media Awareness

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Bridge the gap between IT Operations & IT Security

Traditionally, IT operations and IT Security have remained at loggerheads. IT operations team is tasked with the responsibility of carrying out the the day-to-day activities, maintaining the software and hardware inventories, ensuring reliability, optimizing performance, capacity and utilization of the …

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What Connects Football with IT ?

The month of June has been super exciting for the football fans as EURO 2012 has been entertaining football lovers with thrilling twists and turns. Some fans are overwhelmed to see their favorite teams engross among other teams to reach …

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The Middle East Conference Update #MEUCT12

On March 7 and 8, history was written in Dubai at MEUCT12 and we are thankful to everyone who helped us write it. Especially, our customers in the region. We want to say a huge THANK YOU for the

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