We are thrilled to announce that OpManager has been awarded with three distinguished awards under the Network Monitoring category. These awards stand as a true testament to the trust we’ve cultivated among our users.

OpManager’s ability to effectively address a wide range of IT challenges and provide users with a positive experience is a key factor in its success. Customers consistently report satisfaction with OpManager’s ability to comprehensively solve their IT infrastructure problems.

Get App Category Leaders 2024 for network monitoring

GetApp is a popular platform that helps companies and businesses narrow down the right software for their requirements through data-driven recommendations, vendor comparisons, user reviews and ratings, and educational resources.

There were a total of 223 products considered for evaluation in the Get App Category Leaders 2024 for Network Monitoring. Only 15 of these products emerged victorious.

How are the products evaluated? 

Each product is evaluated on the basis of five criteria, namely:

  1. Ease of use

  2. Value for money

  3. Likelyhood to recommend

  4. Customer support

  5. Functionality

The total score that a product can secure is 100, with the maximum score for each criteria being 20.

ManageEngine OpManager has secured 93 points out of the total 100, and finished fifth out of the 15 top performers. The award serves as a testament to how users find OpManager to be really beneficial for their IT infrastructure.

Software Advice Front Runners 2024 for Network Monitoring

Software Advice is another reputed platform that helps businesses find the best suited software product through expert advice, in-depth research, and user insights.

A total of 200 solutions were evaluated for the Software Advice Front Runners 2024 award.

What is the evaluation criteria?  

The scoring takes place in two axes:

  1. X axis (Usability): Carries 50% weightage to the total score

➤ End user ratings on functionality

➤ End user ratings on the ease of use

  1. Y axis (Customer Satisfaction): Carries 50% weightage to the total score

➤ Value for money (25% weightage to customer satisfaction score)

➤ Likelyhood to recommend (25% weightage to customer satisfaction score)

➤ Customer support (50% weightage to customer satisfaction score)

OpManager secured the fifth position, among the top 20 shortlisted solutions for the Front Runners 2024 under Network Monitoring category.

The intuitive design of OpManager, along with its comprehensive features let users efficiently overcome their network monitoring challenges.

Capterra Shortlist 2024 for Network Monitoring

A popular software solutions platform, Capterra, has included ManageEngine OpManager in its Capterra Shortlist 2024 for network monitoring category. ManageEngine OpManager secured a position in the top 15 out of 401 products listed under this category.

What is the evaluation criteria?

 Each solution is subjected to score under two dimensions:

  1. User Ratings (which is based on the reviews received in the past 24 months)

  2. Popularity (search volume)

Both dimensions weigh 50 points each, i.e. a product can score a maximum of 100.

In order to meet the criteria to be shortlisted, all solutions are required:
  • to have a minimum of 20 reviews in the last 24 months

  • to offer necessary functionalities

  • to serve users in North America

  • to cater to a wide range of industries and markets

  • to meet popularity thresholds and minimum rating

ManageEngine OpManager has secured 49 points out of 50 for user ratings dimension and 26 out of 50 for popularity dimension—accumulating a total of 75 points out of 100. With exceptional user ratings, OpManager displays its capabilities in meeting all network monitoring needs.

Take complete control of your IT network with ManageEngine OpManager 

The above mentioned distinctions and awards highlight ManageEngine OpManager’s continued dedication to enhancing businesses with industry-leading network monitoring solution. This dedication fosters a strong reputation for user satisfaction, further validated by expert recognition. With OpManager, unlock the key to optimzing your network performance and ensuring a strong ROI.

Schedule a free demo today to understand how OpManager can become the foundation of your proactive IT infrastructure monitoring. Achieve optimal network performance by streamlining all your network operations, using OpManager.

About OpManager   

ManageEngine OpManager is a network management solution that helps enterprises, service providers and SMEs manage their data centers and IT infrastructure efficiently and cost effectively. Automated workflows, intelligent alerting engines, configurable discovery rules, and extendable templates enable IT teams to set up a 24/7 monitoring system within hours of installation. Do-it-yourself add-ons extend the scope of management to include network change and configuration management, IP address management, as well as monitoring of networks, applications, databases, and virtualization. For more information about OpManager, visit manageengine.com/opmanager.