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Network security has become paramount in safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring maximum efficiency in organizations today. As port scanning attacks increase, it’s important to stay vigilant to protect your enterprise systems from such threats. One essential tool that every network admin should have is the advanced network port scanner, which can help to identify and assess network port and switch port vulnerabilities. But, when choosing a network port scanner, you must first make sure that it is free, fast, reliable, and satisfies your requirements. Here are some of the features that you should look out for when choosing an advanced network port scanner.

OpUtils advanced network port scanner

1. Fast and reliable port scanning

Fast and reliable port scanners are vital for enterprises with many network ports and switch ports. ManageEngine OpUtils can scan multitudes of network and switch ports easily and provides fast and reliable results.

OpUtils provides two flexible options to scan network ports in real time using a single IP address or a range of IP addresses.

How to scan multiple ports with OpUtils?

2. Get in-depth information about network devices via switch ports

If you have a large or medium-sized enterprise with an extensive network infrastructure, maintaining stable network connectivity, identifying rogue devices or anomalies, and manually tracing cables is a hassle when there are a huge number of devices connected to multiple switches. OpUtils’ Switch Port Mapper tool provides various color codes so you can distinguish the types of ports and view all the MAC addresses, IP addresses, DNS names, device types, and VLAN IDs and names connected to a switch port.

Show the details of a switch port

The Switch Port Mapper offers comprehensive visibility into switch ports by tracing switches and performing continuous scans. Clicking on a port address provides a port summary with key details like ifIndex, ifName, ifDesc, ifType, Port Speed, Port Availability, Admin Status, and more. Using this tool, network admins can easily identify network bottlenecks such as high traffic congestion and plan capacity and expansion accordingly.

All port scanner - ManageEngine OpUtils

3. Advanced port scan scheduling

Network admins can access OpUtils’ port scan scheduler to automate the process of network scanning. The advanced port scanner scans switches as per the configured schedule, detects new ports, and reports changes in the status of the ports periodically. This eliminates the need for manual and repetitive network scanning tasks and helps you monitor network health and address switching issues proactively.

Scan for open ports - ManageEngine OpUtils

4. Service and response time detection in network ports

Identifying services and response time of a network port can help detect port vulnerabilities, balance network traffic, and analyze unwanted services running on ports. Reliable port scanners can help you identify open ports and the services running on them in real time. OpUtils has a robust service detection mechanism to provide insights on port status, services, and response time. This can help you detect and prevent vulnerabilities before they happen.

Sample port scan results - ManageEngine OpUtils


5. Comprehensive switch port reports

Audits and reports are an integral part of any network monitoring solution. Leverage OpUtils’ Switch Port Mapper reports to gain in-depth insights into all ports present on network switches. ManageEngine OpUtils allows network admins to access extensive information about each switch port including its status, connected devices, vendor names, and so on. Get visibility into stacked port details such as their interface speed, type, and description. View all the IP addresses, MAC addresses, and DNSs connected to switches using OpUtils’ Connected IP Details report.

ip port scan - ManageEngine OpUtils

OpUtils’ advanced network port scanner will streamline network port scanning in your enterprise. Seamlessly integrate OpUtils into your existing network infrastructure without making any major changes! Interested in OpUtils? Schedule a personalized demo with one of our product experts, or download our 30-day, free trial to start scanning your ports in no time.