The 11th annual Global InfoSec Awards, held at the RSA Conference 2023 in San Francisco, brought together over 4,300 companies vying for recognition in various categories. Among the standout performers, ManageEngine’s AD360 won prestigious accolades in four categories.

  • Editor’s Choice for Identity & Access Management

  • Cutting Edge for Identity Security

  • Most Innovative for UBA

  • Most Comprehensive for Zero Trust

Cyber Defense Magazine (CDM) hosted the Global InfoSec Awards, recognizing the most innovative and effective cybersecurity companies and products in the industry. The event highlighted the importance of cybersecurity and ongoing efforts to stay ahead of constantly evolving threats.

“Our entire team’s hard work, dedication, and expertise have contributed to our success in four prestigious categories,” said Manikandan Thangaraj, director of program management at ManageEngine. “In an increasingly digital world, ManageEngine will continue to innovate and deliver robust cybersecurity solutions that empower organizations.”

AD360, ManageEngine’s comprehensive identity and access management (IAM) solution, plays a key role for businesses implementing a Zero Trust architecture. By simplifying identity lifecycle management, deploying adaptive authentication, enforcing least privileged access, and providing detailed audit reports, AD360 helps organizations establish a strong security foundation.

AD360 prioritizes identity first security by offering a wide range of features, including user provisioning, password management, single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, risk-based authentication, and more. It effectively reduces human errors and redundancies by automating routine IAM tasks such as user onboarding, modification, and offboarding.

Moreover, AD360 sets itself apart with its unique approach to user behavior analytics. Leveraging data analytics and machine learning (ML) technologies, it monitors and establishes a baseline of user activities, enabling precise anomaly detection and swift threat mitigation.

ManageEngine’s AD360’s triumph at the Global InfoSec Awards showcases its commitment to cybersecurity solutions. With its comprehensive features, emphasis on identity-first security, and innovative user behavior analytics, AD360 equips organizations with the tools they need to combat modern threats effectively. ManageEngine remains dedicated to pushing boundaries and providing robust solutions that empower organizations on their cybersecurity journey.