Time waits for no one, and the years just seem to fly by. For us at ManageEngine, this year was especially memorable as we turned 20. And, as the best birthday gift ever, you helped us hit the most coveted milestone that many can only dream of achieving. Zoho Corporation, the parent company of ManageEngine, hit $1 billion in revenue earlier this year—and we have only YOU to be thankful for. But, that’s not all. 2022 was yet another feather in our cap, adorned with various achievements, accolades, and laurels.

Year in Review 2022

2022: A breath of fresh air

In 2022, things slowly started to return to normal. We gradually welcomed our eager employees back to our newly furbished offices across the globe, and from there, it was business as always. However, this year, we did things a little differently.

 With unprecedented growth came unprecedented workloads for our IT teams. As we embraced a hybrid workplace and a distributed workforce, it was up to all of us as an organization to ensure the wheels continued to turn smoothly.

 As always, our teams stepped up to the plate and took matters into their own hands. We adopted low-code application development tools that gave us the autonomy to make better technological decisions. From there, there was no stopping us. With new product releases, offices, and data centres opening up in numerous nations, take a trip down memory lane and celebrate our joys with us.

We paved the way for innovation, efficiency, and collaboration

2021 was the year that redefined workplaces as we know it, and in 2022, the trend continued. This year, we fully embraced IT democratization at ManageEngine. 

We made IT tools and resources more widely available and accessible to our employees, extending beyond just IT teams. Non-technical employees did what they had never done before, such as building their own applications and developing collaboration tools to keep things running smoothly.

 We empowered our employees with the right tools and technologies to grow holistically, and in return, they took us to new heights. Our global workforce of over 12,000 were spread across more than 20 global corporate offices and 33 spoke offices—each of them playing a vital role in decentralizing IT operations.

Today, a full 10% of our workforce is able to work remotely from our spoke offices, with the autonomy to make their own technology decisions. 

This shift has been made possible thanks to our low-code tools, which have empowered non-IT departments within ManageEngine to build customized workflows to handle organization-wide requests. Our IT team has been a guiding force throughout this process, helping to ensure that these workflows are robust and effective.

Higher in the skies

With more of you moving to the cloud, we are happy to have been your passport to greater operational efficiency. We’ve helped an additional 10% of ManageEngine customers migrate to the cloud, with an impressive 79% increase in Endpoint Central cloud adoption. Plus, we’ve gained over 3,000 new customers for our Site24x7 cloud services. It’s clear that cloud migration is the way to go for businesses looking to save money, scale easily, stay secure, and collaborate like never before.

Spark to a flame: Low-code applications

Low-code application development platforms were the torch-bearer in the race to democratize IT in 2022. 

As a testament to our growth and the unique needs of our business, we’ve seen a 200% increased adoption internally of our low-code app development platform, AppCreator. We’ve been able to easily build and deploy custom apps with user-friendly interfaces and intuitive drag-and-drop functionalities, easing the burden on IT teams and improving efficiency and collaboration.

Additionally, our customers loved the flexibility and ease of use AppCreator offers, with an average of 20 citizen developers for every AppCreator account.

Teamwork was at the heart of our performance

Teamwork is at its best when employees work independently towards a shared goal. And together, our team made it possible for you to conquer your goals with self-sufficiency. Here’s a few of our updates:

We are thrilled to have met your IT management needs and are overwhelmed with your continued support and trust in us. To continue our streak, we’ve expanded our workforce by 35% and our partner communities by 15%.

Some more feathers in our well-decorated cap 

Success is built on the foundation of consistent, daily efforts. All year around, our efforts and most importantly, your efforts, got us to where we are today. Let’s look back at the glorious achievements and milestones we’ve conquered in 2022.

Check out the entire list of highlights from our year here.

By empowering our employees with the tools and resources they need to be productive and effective, we’ve been able to foster a more flexible and collaborative environment for our employees and our customers. 

With that, we just wanted to say “Thanks a billion!” to everyone who supported us for the past 20 brilliant years. Here’s to continuing to build on these successes in the future!

Happy 2023!