No matter the year, season, month, or day, network downtime, data loss, and a lack of visibility over your network can make you feel stressed.

To combat these IT issues, we came up with a fun yet promising initiative: the Halloween quiz! Last month, we shared this quiz with the technology professionals out there and discovered the challenges they face and the weapons they wield to deal with them every day. We compiled this data and turned it into an infographic so that our IT admins can better understand the current landscape and act accordingly.

Did you know that 29% of IT admins fail to adopt a network monitoring solution because they are hesitant to learn something new and implement it?

If you’re ready to learn how to efficiently tackle these challenges head-on, view the full infographic.

No matter how daunting these challenges may seem, you can keep yourself one step ahead with our reliable, powerful, and, most importantly, secure ITOM solutions.

The solutions in our ITOM suite include:

  • Applications Manager: On-premises and cloud-based application performance monitoring

  • NetFlow Analyzer: Bandwidth and traffic analysis

  • Network Configuration Manager: Configuration, compliance, and change management

  • Firewall Analyzer: Firewall security and log analysis

  • OpUtils: IP address and switch port management

  • OpManager: Network and server performance monitoring

  • OpManager Plus: All-in-one IT operations management

  • OpManager MSP: Enhanced network and server performance monitoring for MSPs