It’s the coolest day of the year again—time to honor and celebrate the people who work behind the scenes to keep our businesses running: IT professionals!

Established in 2015, IT Professionals Day is celebrated each year on the third Tuesday of September to celebrate the unsung heroes of the IT world.

Join us as we wish all IT pros worldwide a very happy IT professionals day!

Kudos to the IT pros!

The IT pros, no matter their discipline, keep everything moving along in an organization. Whether it’s regarding the networks we use to communicate; the servers, virtual machines, and containers that power our applications; or the corporate assets that enable our daily work routine, our IT pros are who we rely on to resolve the diverse challenges that arise day to day. But in the grand scheme of things, their contribution to the long-term success of an organization is not often recognized. 

Every single day, IT professionals have to deal with unpredictability. It’s hard to speculate when or what kind of technical error is going to pop up let alone the time it will take to resolve it. They can only make decisions about what needs to be done next based on what they know in the moment and hope for the best.

Apart from their technical prowess, IT pros often have to exercise patience, listening to an endless queue of issues. They work diligently, putting in long hours resolving problems head-on with determination. Being in their shoes is not as easy as one might think.

At ManageEngine, we see how hard our in-house IT pros work everyday. They provide IT services to over 10,000 internal users across more than 15 international corporate locations, ensuring our 12 data centers around the world run without a hitch to provide our over 80 million end users with highly available and effective solutions.

We are extremely proud of our IT professionals who empower us to provide world-class IT management solutions! That’s why we’re delighted to acknowledge the tech professionals working behind the scenes in all areas of IT management.

Why your IT pros deserve appreciation:

  1. They’re always on top of the latest IT trends.

  2. They explore and learn from the market.

  3. They keep non-IT staff up to date with new technology.

  4. They act as a catalyst for technological breakthroughs.

  5. They are creative and indulge in solution-based thinking.

If you’re not in the IT field but use technology, this day also provides you with an opportunity to start learning more about the technology you use everyday. Attend webinars, play around with the latest gadgets, and read up on trending software. Technology rules today’s world, so it’s important to keep up with it.

A huge thank you to all the IT pros out there!

You do things that leave the rest of us scratching our heads. You make what seems impossible happen. You work tirelessly to help people stay connected and keep companies up and running. On behalf of ManageEngine, we wish all the tech professionals around the globe a Happy IT Professionals Day!

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