With companies juggling remote and hybrid workforce models, security teams are facing a new challenge: to secure their perimeterless networks.

 Perimeterless hybrid infrastructures pave the way for expanded attack surfaces that can be readily exploited by bad actors. Therefore, IT admins face the Herculean task of securing remote endpoints operating under risky conditions, such as untrusted networks and poor device management.

 Enter Zero Trust, a security strategy that ensures around-the-clock protection with its continuous evaluation of entity behavior and its deployment of least privilege access to manage user permissions. Moreover, Zero Trust provides visibility by establishing a software-defined perimeter outside and inside the network. As organizations gear up to implement Zero Trust, their roadmap for adoption must start with a highly integral component that cannot be overlooked: authentication.

 Join Debanjali Ghosh, technical evangelist at ManageEngine, to learn how companies can build frictionless, smart, and stringent authentication systems in order to enhance their Zero Trust implementation with stronger fundamentals. This webinar is important for companies planning to adopt Zero Trust as they can gain clarity on where to start their journey.

Date: July 12, Tuesday

Times: 2pm GST | 11am BST | 11am EDT