We’re excited to participate in the COMEX Technology Show from 23-25 May 2022 at the Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre.

The Oman technology revolution is here, which includes plans to digitize government operations; invest in cybersecurity solutions, data management solutions, and AI and IoT solutions; integrate cloud computing; and construct data centers. However, these plans can result in major technology development challenges for the country. Along with these plans, Oman aims to diversify its economy and knowledge economy.

To be on par with global economies, it is essential for organizations across Oman to step up their business operations by embracing future technologies such as AI, ML, edge computing, blockchain, and more.

“Altering consumer behavior and the adoption of hybrid work environment have exposed organizations to innumerable cybersecurity threats. IT teams and business leaders need to rethink their cyberdefenses and regulate their cybersecurity risk exposure to support their organizations’ critical IT infrastructures. At COMEX Technology Show, we’ll be at booth #E70 from 23-25 May 2022 to help you discover how organizations can securely embrace future technologies.” -Nirmal Kumar Manoharan, regional director, ManageEngine, a division of Zoho Corp.

Large-scale automation is essential for elevating business processes and should be implemented in existing processes wherever possible. Implementing new technologies in everyday work processes can improve the user experience and services. To transition seamlessly to digitized work processes, adequate training sessions for employees must be provided. Every organization is looking to increase productivity, efficiency, and performance, and incorporating the right technologies can accomplish that.

The global digital infrastructure is constantly changing; to learn more about how you can improve your organization’s business processes through powerful solutions, visit ManageEngine at the COMEX Technology Show from 23-25 May 2022 at the Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre. We’ll discuss how you can improve your organization’s process from the ground up to improve your overall digital infrastructure.