In late November 2013, the highly anticipated Expo 2020 Dubai was announced by World Expo. Expos over the years have showcased the world’s greatest innovations, initiated the dialogue for a more progressive future, and encouraged people to embrace the evolving technology-driven shift in society. Expo 2020 Dubai started on October 1, 2021 with over 192 countries participating, hosting a whopping 5,610 official events on its site in the first month.

According to Alarabiya news, 1,938 government leaders, including ministers, presidents, prime ministers, and heads of state, have visited Expo 2020 Dubai. For the first time in World Expo history, each participating country has its own separate pavilion. Following the presence of global leaders, Expo 2020 Dubai hosted entertainers, sports personalities, and prominent people from around the world, catering to its global audience.

The massive success of Expo 2020 Dubai has initiated conversations among various other countries such as Saudi Arabia, Italy, South Korea, Russia, and Ukraine to host a similar exhibition in their countries. According to The National, Expo 2020 was a massive success with over 24 million visits.

The ManageEngine and Expo 2020 Dubai journey

Expo 2020 Dubai chose ManageEngine in 2015 with the help of our UAE partner Elitser technologies to successfully plan, manage, and run its business operations. Planning a massive expo across 1,083 acres in Dubai is no small feat. Expo 2020 Dubai started using ManageEngine’s most sought-after IT help desk solution, ServiceDesk Plus. ServiceDesk Plus primarily helped Expo 2020 Dubai better communicate and assign tasks within its teams and vendors. It also utilized ServiceDesk Plus to track processes within its divisions and measure progress with extensive SLA-based and operational-level-agreement-based reports.

At that time, ManageEngine provided services for a team consisting of only six technicians. However, that team grew over the years to over 1,200 technicians. Throughout this growth, ManageEngine continued to serve Expo 2020 Dubai, easily accommodating the demands of its increasing workforce.

Expo 2020 Dubai continued to successfully manage its IT help desk requirements with ServiceDesk Plus, so when the need for a powerful Active Directory (AD) management and reporting solution arose, Expo 2020 Dubai opted for ManageEngine’s suite of AD management products, including ADManager Plus, ADAduit Plus, ADSelfService Plus, Exchange Reporter Plus, and Data Security Plus. It aided in automated onboarding and offboarding of users, optimization of storage, and delegation of tasks.

Another solution that has helped Expo 2020 Dubai extensively manage its 4,000 endpoints during the pandemic-induced shift to remote and hybrid work is Desktop Central. The solution proved to be highly useful in managing remote assets and endpoints and in delivering timely patches and updates. Most importantly, it provided high availability, ensuring seamless business continuity.

Today, Expo 2020 Dubai uses more than ten of ManageEngine’s in-house products. The Expo 2020 Dubai team finds ManageEngine products to be simple and easy to use in addition to all the powerful operations it delivers.

“Being the flagship event of our country, we wanted to showcase the finest cultural experience to our global audience. To execute our vision, we wanted the right set of tools. We started using ManageEngine [products] five years back. ManageEngine solutions helped Expo 2020 to deliver seamless business operations. Their comprehensive suite of products resolved challenges in domains ranging from IT help desk to endpoint management. What makes ManageEngine stand out from the rest of the products in the market is that ManageEngine products are very simple and easy to use.”

– Mr. Taif Muhsin, vice president, integrated operations, World Expo

Sujoy Banerjee, Associate Director, ManageEngine presenting a Token of Gratitude to Taif Muhsin – Vice President, Integrated Operations, World Expo celebrating ManageEngine’s 20 year anniversary.