In an all-digital world, how can your company succeed? If you’ve ever asked yourself this, you’re not alone, and our virtual conference will help you find the answer. According to the IDC, by the end of 2022, 70% of enterprises across the world will have increased their use of digital technology to modify existing business processes and improve the strength of business operations.

Organisations are being pushed to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives by the expanding remote workforce and the demand to incorporate emerging technology. However, a lack of infrastructure visibility, high implementation costs, and identifying cybersecurity threats are all challenges that come with digital transformation. To overcome these obstacles, you’ll need a high level of visibility and a well-thought-out strategy to guide your staff into the future.

ManageEngine will be conducting an ITOM Day virtual conference this March with two tracks:

Track 1 is a panel discussion where our panelists from the National Health Service of the United Kingdom, Darren Mckay (director of F4 IT), Dave Whitfield (IT customer services manager), Omar Abul-Hawa (senior IT engineer), and Gowri Sankar (head of product management, ManageEngine) will discuss the current state of digital transformation in IT.

You’ll learn about the growing importance of ITOM for seamless digital transformation along with:

  • Insights on the current state of digital transformation practices across organisations.

  • A real-life scenario: How our product users leveraged visibility to implement technologies across their IT.

  • How to improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability of the enterprise.

  • The role of ITOM in simplifying IT and improving visibility across the IT infrastructure.

  • The advantage of deploying automations, AI, and ML in IT operations for proactive performance and capacity management.

Track 2 is a thought leadership presentation on driving a successful digital transformation strategy with ITOM during which we will discuss:

  • Prioritising critical IT challenges and monitoring your organisation’s IT performance to guarantee business continuity.

  • Overcoming hybrid cloud adoption challenges for enterprise IT.

  • Understanding the value of managing IT performance and network security through a single platform.

  • Expanding the deployment of automation capabilities, AI, and ML to relieve IT teams of routine tasks.

  • Integrations with ITSM tools for effective ITOM to ensure maximum uptime, faster fault resolution, and easy device management.

Event details

Date: 22 March 2022

Time: 10am – 12pm GMT

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