Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) is a government-grade mobile solution for IT admins to manage and secure Samsung phones, tablets, and watches for business. Knox Platform for Enterprise is the updated Knox Workspace container security solution, which allows IT admins to access the full range of Knox platform features without creating an on-device container. By activating a KPE license, organizations can gain granular-level control over Samsung devices that extend beyond standard Android enterprise capabilities.

KPE license had to be purchased for a premium, but Samsung announced that, starting July 2021, KPE will be provided to businesses at no cost. This means that, to integrate Mobile Device Manager Plus with KPE and harness the powerful features of KPE from a central console, all you need to do is obtain a free KPE license key from and add this key in the Mobile Device Manager Plus console.

 Unlock advanced configurations for Knox devices 

By integrating KPE with Mobile Device Manager Plus using the Knox Service Plugin, you can take advantage of granular, hardware-specific features that are unique to Samsung and allow you a greater degree of manageability while boosting your employees’ productivity.

 Access granular hardware controls native to Samsung devices 

With KPE, IT admins can configure almost every function in a Samsung device’s Settings menu from the Mobile Device Manager Plus console, including display, location, language, notification, and accessibility. KPE’s deep customization options allow businesses to tune each device to the task at hand and deploy them over the air across the organization in bulk. 

Admins can gain complete control over the functions in the Settings menu with options to turn on or off a feature as needed, disable users from changing a configured setting, or hide the Settings menu entirely on devices.

 Unleash the power of Galaxy devices with DeX mode 

Samsung’s DeX mode allow users to connect Samsung Galaxy devices to a monitor or TV with just a USB cable and unlock their phone’s possibilities on PC. With DeX mode, users can take a closer look at videos, review documents, or edit spreadsheets on a larger display while still using their phone to take a call. Users can multitask on their devices with options to open multiple windows, drag and drop, and right click for more functions.

With KPE and Mobile Device Manager Plus, IT admins can configure DeX session policies, such as:

  • Controlling screen timeout and allowing only Ethernet data connections for security.

  • Configuring the DeX launcher screen to load with preset apps and URL shortcuts or disabling specific apps in DeX mode for productivity.

  • Launching DeX with the company logo and custom wallpaper for standardizing the UI across the organization.

  • Disabling DeX mode for added enterprise security.

 Knox Separated Apps 

With Knox Separated Apps, organizations can allow employees to use their work devices outside of work by simply separating personal apps from business apps on the devices. This solution defines an area where users are permitted to install preapproved, third-party apps, thereby securely organizing and isolating apps on fully managed Samsung devices. This way, you can ensure that sensitive, professional data is fully protected from any personal app usage, and prevent confidential corporate data from inadvertently ending up on third-party servers.

 Provide one-click access to apps with hardware key mapping 

Using configurable hardware keys on XCover and Tab Active Samsung devices, admins can replace legacy hardware with user-friendly interfaces by configuring how the physical buttons—Active key and Top key—are used. Admins can adapt an app in a way that its specific function can be mapped to and launched by a keystroke. With this capability, organizations can maximize the productivity of employees by putting critical apps such as barcode scanners and functions like push-to-talk at their fingertips.

To get the most out of your Knox devices through KPE, all you need to do is activate a free KPE license and add the key in your Mobile Device Manager Plus Admin dashboard.