Enterprises face many different challenges when it comes to managing their Windows Active Directory (AD) environment and implementing security best practices. As high-profile breaches continue to grow, enterprises need to closely evaluate their AD infrastructure management practices as well as their security posture. Although powerful, the native tools in AD don’t provide administrators the solutions to properly secure their AD environments. Enterprises need a comprehensive, central security solution.

A secure AD environment is more than just a bunch of settings. It includes monitoring objects and keeping them up to date. For instance, cleaning up unused AD objects is key to protecting your environment from attacks. Similarly, monitoring privileged users and groups keeps your AD environment secure.

In our upcoming three-part webinar series, Microsoft MVP Derek Melber will show you how to efficiently manage and secure your AD environment.



Title Date Day Time


Active Directory: Overhaul and Cleanup


November 19, 2019 Tuesday

2pm EST


Active Directory: User Account Automation and Security


November 20, 2019 Wednesday

2pm EST

3 Active Directory: Privilege Management


November 21, 2019 Thursday

2pm EST


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