Microsoft Active Directory made its inception nearly two decades ago. Since numerous organizations have depended on Active Directory to manage their IT landscapes. Over the years, Active Directory has undergone tremendous changes, yet there hasn’t been much development in the way we manage passwords.

As enterprises embrace technology, data breaches have become the new reality. A report by TraceSecurity found that a staggering 81 percent of enterprise data breaches are due to bad password management practices. For example, weak passwords reportedly cost Equifax $650 million in the largest-ever data breach settlement to date.

In spite of the number of data breaches due to bad password management, many end-users still resort to unsafe password habits. IT admins already have their plates full with critical AD infrastructure management tasks and scrutinizing password operations only adds more work for them. If you’re an IT admin who’s looking to strike the right balance between password security and smooth user experience, our webinar is just for you!

Jay, our IAM expert, will share tips, tricks, and password management best practices in our webinar “How to balance usability and security in enterprise password management.” Register now, and learn how you can step up your password management game. Get a head start today!

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Thejas Sridhar
Product Consultant