We’ve all heard it before: “It appears your ticket has been transferred to another department.” And we all know what it means.

Sometimes tickets are subjected to a seemingly never-ending journey between departments. End users raise requests and expect them to be resolved at breakneck speed always, which obviously isn’t realistic. For Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who handle the networks of several customers, end users’ unrealistic expectations can be particularly frustrating.

The need for integration

Help desk technicians grapple with hundreds of requests on a daily basis. Even with well-structured ticketing software in place, tickets can end up going through various departments before being resolved.

MSPs are expected to handle help desk requests for multiple customers and manage the endpoints in those customers networks. MSPs are realizing that in order to keep up with the exponential growth of customers and channels, traditional help desk software simply doesn’t cut it.

Traditionally, end users and help desk channels have been in different silos. The dots between different departments rarely connect to provide the big picture on the ticket resolution process. In other words, help desk technicians need to be able to resolve tickets right from the ticket window. How exactly can this be done? By integrating Zendesk with Desktop Central MSP.

Benefits of this integration

Endpoint management operations can be performed from the Zendesk console with a single sign-on ability to resolve tickets.

  1. Troubleshoot anytime, anywhere with the help of Desktop Central MSP’s advanced remote control. Remote sessions are recorded and session notes can be added for future reference. Additionally, ticket statuses will be updated automatically when remote sessions are completed.

  2. Powerful system manager tools aid in handling services remotely as well as executing scripts or batch files in the command-line interpreter on target machines. Tickets can be resolved without logging into the machine.

  3. Get system details before fixing an issue with asset mapping.

  4. Automate patch deployment for Windows, Mac, Linux, and over 900 third-party applications.

  5. Deploy business-critical applications to all your computers from the ticketing console. Additionally, you can customize software deployment from the ticket.

  6. Gain better visibility over IT assets with asset management. It allows you to manage software licenses, meter software usage, and procure audit-ready reports.

Want to give your technicians the ability to manage endpoints from a single platform? Integrate Zendesk with Desktop Central MSP today!