Our product development team has been focusing on correlation and threat intelligence features, with the goal of thwarting external breach attempts. This year, we built new capabilities, strengthened existing features, and enhanced the usability of the product. 

Here are five noteworthy features we rolled out this year:

  • A sleek new GUI for reporting, which improves user experience and allows security teams to visualize security information better.

  • Powerful correlation rules to detect installation of suspicious software/services, cryptomining, and other advanced threats.

  • An augmented threat intelligence platform that supports real-time updates from custom STIX/TAXII feeds.

  • Enhanced reporting and alerting capabilities to help organizations meet new-age data protection regulations such as the GDPR.

  • Advanced audit reports and column integrity monitoring for SQL servers.

 We’ve strived to meet the growing demands of the market and promise to keep our customers happy in 2019. EventLog Analyzer sure has come a long way in recent years. If you’re new to EventLog Analyzer, you can try it out by downloading it. To leverage the latest features and make your network more secure than ever before, upgrade to the latest version now.

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 That’s it for ADSolutions’ year in review. Thanks for making 2018 so special, and we hope to keep serving you in the coming year.

Prashant V S
Marketing Analyst