From startups to enterprises, organizations around the world are expanding their business by opening new branch offices. The first thing many organizations do after opening a branch office is purchase computers for their new employees, which means deploying an operating system (OS) for each machine.

Now the big question arises: How will your organization manage these computers in the new office? This question, of course, leads to others like Should you hire a new administrative team to deploy OSs on the branch office computers? Is hiring a new IT staff cost-effective if there are only a few computers in the branch office? Desktop Central’s OS Deployment add-on is an easy solution to all these complex questions.

Four simple steps to deploy OSs in remote offices using Desktop Central

You read that right—you can deploy OSs in remote offices using Desktop Central. Just follow these four steps to deploy OSs on remote computers using the OS images created in your local office:

  1. Create a remote office with a distribution server.

Under the Scope of Management tab in Desktop Central, create a remote office with a distribution server. A distribution server will facilitate the OS deployment process in the remote location.

  1. Configure OS deployment settings.

While creating the remote office, configure the OS deployment settings. Configuring Desktop Central’s OS deployment settings ensures the required OS deployment components are installed on the distribution server available in the remote office.

  1. Replicate images from the local office to the remote office.

You don’t need to create new images for each remote office. You can replicate any existing images from your local office using the Create image view or Remote offices view in the OS Deployment tab of Desktop Central.

  1. Associate the deployment task with the remote office.

You can use the available deployment task which already contains the image, or create a new deployment task in the OS Deployment tab of Desktop Central.

All of the steps above simplify the entire OS deployment process, saving your organization time and money. Centralized OS deployment also helps your organization standardize your OSs on all branch office computers.

Try Desktop Central’s OS Deployment add-on for yourself today.

Dixitha Srinivasan
Content Writer

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