Today’s employees are often overwhelmed with the number of passwords they have to manage on a regular basis. This leads to increased help desk calls due to forgotten passwords, a rise in IT expenses, and reduced user productivity.

If you’re using SAP NetWeaver in your organization, then there’s an increased likelihood that your users are struggling to remember the various passwords they use for their Active Directory (AD) account, SAP account, and other enterprise applications. Password synchronization is an effective way to replace the traditional method of remembering separate passwords for each application with a single, strong password for all accounts.

Automatically synchronize AD password changes and resets to SAP with ADSelfService Plus

ADSelfService Plus’ password synchronizer ensures that users only have to remember one password. It does this by automatically synchronizing AD password changes and resets made using the ADSelfService Plus console to SAP accounts. In cases where users change their password via the native Windows interface or an admin resets a user’s password via the ADUC console, the password sync agent takes charge of the password synchronization process. The password sync agent captures native password changes, secures those passwords, and synchronizes them to SAP, in real time.

Behind the scenes of a password sync

  • The user resets or changes their AD password.

  • The password sync agent captures the new password, secures it, and sends it to ADSelfService Plus’ server. ADSelfService Plus synchronizes the new password to SAP, as well as other connected enterprise applications, within 30 seconds.

  • Users are then able to log in to both their SAP and AD account with the synchronized password.

Benefits of using ADSelfService Plus’ password synchronizer

  1. Make your own rules: Create custom password policies for your organization.

It’s imperative that users have security in mind when generating passwords, but the only way to guarantee secure passwords is to require passwords to comply with your organization’s password policy guidelines. With ADSelfService Plus, you can make sure that the one password that employees use to access multiple accounts is strong and not susceptible to cyberattacks. ADSelfService Plus allows you to create a custom password policy which prevents dictionary words, common patterns, and stolen credentials to be used in passwords. These custom policies can also be enforced for AD and SAP NetWeaver.

  1. Privileged access: OU and group-based access for password synchronization.

To avoid password syncs when they’re not required, ADSelfService Plus allows admins to enforce synchronization to certain applications for specific users based on OU and group memberships. For instance, admins might want users in the Finance OU to synchronize passwords with SAP NetWeaver, but disable this feature for users in the HR OU. This versatility allows admins to make sure that employees only synchronize passwords for the applications that they use.

       3. SAP password reset: Perform self-service password reset for SAP NetWeaver.

There are some organizations who might want to maintain a separate password for SAP NetWeaver. In these cases, ADSelfService Plus provides users an option to reset their SAP NetWeaver password and gain access to their SAP account without changing their AD password.

The best part? ADSelfService Plus is completely free to use for up to 50 users. So if you haven’t already, go ahead and give ADSelfService Plus a try, and let us know what you think!


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