2017 saw plenty of ransomware attacks, and cyber security experts believe we’ll see many more this year. Needless to say, enterprises are less than happy with that prediction. After all, one of the biggest ransomware attacks last year, Petya, locked away data without any chance of users decrypting their affected files. Imagine losing your sensitive files and folders to ransomware. Scary, right?  

Protecting your data from ransomware isn’t easy, but getting started can be. The first step in defending your enterprise from ransomware, or any cyberattack for that matter, is to learn how these kind of attacks work. Getting a better idea of ransomware mechanics—how an attack is launched and how it operates across a network—helps you figure out the best means of defense, which usually involves closing security loopholes in your network.

Of course, not all attacks can be prevented, which is why you need to continuously monitor your network to detect attacks the moment they happen as well. And of course, you need some way to recover from the consequences following an attack.

Before you start feverishly googling ransomware attacks, here’s some good news: we’ve already done the research for you. Join us for our free webinar on February 8th to learn about:

  • Implementing security best practices to prevent ransomware.
  • Using a real-time file auditing tool to detect threats at their earliest stages and automatically shut them down.
  • Planning for disaster recovery.

This webinar will help you ensure your enterprise is well prepared to deal with the next big ransomware attack.

Title: Everything you need to know about ransomware 

Date and Time: Feb 8th, 2pm GMT and EST

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