When near-field communication (NFC) first came into the market, it felt like magic. It was the answer to all our document sharing frustrations, since a bump was all that was needed to share documents from one device to another. But as people started getting more familiar with this feature, they realized its many loopholes, and questions started to arise. How do we share documents to devices that don’t support NFC? How can we share documents to a large number of devices?

Questions like these have started to arise more often in organizations using mobile devices. When a new employee joins an organization, multiple documents need to be shared with them. Considering another example, in educational institutions students have to be provided with a large number of documents. In either case, it’s hard to keep track of which documents need to be distributed to which users. When you have to share multiple documents with a number of users, using NFC just doesn’t seem feasible. And forget about using email. It would be tiresome to send emails to all users, and let’s not even get started on the complications that arise when the attachment is too big.

Since you can’t get around sharing documents, Mobile Device Manager Plus has a simple solution for you.

Now, any number of documents can be shared to any number of devices at any time!

Just sign in to Mobile Device Manager Plus and follow these simple steps to distribute documents to users:

  1. Add documents to the server: Add all the required documents to a repository on the server.
  2. Distribute documents to a group of devices: Distribute numerous documents to multiple devices simultaneously.
  3. Access documents anywhere: Access the distributed documents from trusted apps or allow users to access the documents only from the Mobile Device Manager Plus app.
  4. Keep track of all documents: Segregate and distribute documents to the required devices. Also, keep track of which devices have which documents.

To learn more about sharing documents using Mobile Device Manager Plus, click here.

 Download Mobile Device Manager Plus to experience the simplicity of sharing documents.

Harshita Sharma
Content Writer

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