While you get a pat on your back, they disappear in the shadows of the server rack.
While the office celebrates your success, they never claim their part in it.
While you are hailed a hero, no one recognizes the ones behind the scenes.

They willingly accommodate 24 X 7 X 365 schedules so that you enjoy flexi-hours.
They forego celebrations so that you don’t miss your share of family time.
They are at your beck and call and are your true day savers.
They sometimes are super humans, and you call them your SysAdmins.

It’s that time of the year when we thank them for their outstanding support.
It’s time to appreciate and recognize their efforts.
It’s time to salute the “Lords of the Links.”

“Thank you, SysAdmins.”

Greet your SysAdmin at http://adsolutions.manageengine.com/sysadmin/index.php

Greet the "Lord of the Links"

Greet the “Lord of the Links”

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      Thank you.
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