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We all make stupid mistakes when we start a business. In the area of IT, the biggest mistake you can make is to manage all service requests via email. Soon you’ll discover that managing the requests becomes your job, not actually filling those requests.

This is exactly the problem Todd Ludwig, Network Administrator for Robins & Morton, faced. The Alabama-based general contractor had an email address on its site where users could send in support requests. About 10 to 15 emails would come in each day and that was enough to become a management headache.

After a lot of frustration, Ludwig and team saw a demo of ManageEngine’s ServiceDesk Plus and made the switch. As the entire company and Ludwig’s department has grown, the tool has been transformative for service requests.

“There was no way we could have kept up if it wasn’t for ManageEngine’s ServiceDesk Plus,” said Ludwig.

Right out of the box the tool worked fine, said Ludwig. Today they get about 50 service requests a week.

Ludwig’s favorite features of ServiceDesk Plus are the tool’s ease of use–especially for end users putting in requests, the built-in knowledge base, and asset management.

For those companies still managing IT support issues via email, Ludwig said, “Don’t do it. Go to Service Desk Plus. You won’t turn back.”

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