Mobile, Tweet & Feet on table

General | December 1, 2010 | 2 min read

I had some great conversations on Twitter with ME customers last night. One of them said: “Just used my @BlackBerry 9650 to nab a new request from my supervisor. @manageengine has a pretty sweet mobile site for #ServiceDesk”

It ended up with him sending me this picture.

His caption for the pic: “Here’s me…hard at work.” 🙂 (Thanks @jpinkerton)

Here’s a glimpse of his workspace on his Blackberry:

The mobile interface for ManageEngine OpManager and ServiceDesk Plus has been popular among our customers. I have spoken to a couple of other ManageEngine customers (some time back) and they all loved it. Here they are in action:

One customer is a traveler and telecommutes most of the time. Access to the system becomes very critical for her since she manages the assignment of every ticket. ServiceDesk Plus’ mobile interface became very useful for her. Her colleague added, “She will be at a conference but we can see that all our tickets are being assigned and we know that she is using the mobile interface.”.

“It is a life-saver for me to not be dependent on my laptop all the time,” she added.

Another customer uses the mobile interface for both OpManager and ServiceDesk Plus. He and his team use it on the iPhone primarily but has seen it on the Droid and Blackberry. He said, “It makes our lives easier. Both of the mobile interfaces, we use like crazy. They are actually bookmarks on my homepage and when I open my iPhone browser, I first go to OpManager and then ServiceDesk Plus.”

Have you tried our mobile interfaces for ManageEngine applications? It’s easy – simply access your installation from your phone browser.

Want to share your pics at work? Send it to me at ashish [at] manageengine [dot] com. We would love to hear from you.

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