The managed security services model is becoming more appealing and cost effective for enterprises because it requires no hardware or software on client premises, thus removing the need for on-site maintenance and added layers of complexity to the infrastructure. Today, managed security service providers (MSSPs) are available to implement hosted solutions?to monitor, report and remediate enterprise network problems.

So if you are a MSSP looking to pass-on the following benefits to your customers get in touch with us (support at fwanalyzer dot com)

ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer offers the following benefits to the MSSPs, which would overall help them in their operations in meeting SLA?s and keep their costs down.

Centralized Firewall Monitoring – web based user interface lets you view 24/7 firewall traffic details in real-time from any system on the network.

Multiple Firewall Vendor Support ? support for most leading enterprise firewalls.

Low TCO ? Total Cost of Ownership for Firewall Analyzer is the lowest in the industry, and prevents costly overheads.

Real-time Alerting ? set threshold-based alerts and instant e-mail notifications when alerts are triggered.

Flexible Log Archiving ? archive all log data, or modify archiving intervals depending on disk space.

Trending ? view traffic trends and determine bandwidth usage and user access patterns.

Instant Reports ? generate over 100 pre-defined reports on bandwidth usage, protocol usage, and more.

Powerful Multi-level Drill-down ? drill down from traffic reports to see top hosts, top protocols, top websites, and more.

Security Analysis ? analyze denied requests, top denied URLs, and more.

VPN Reports ? view VPN statistics, VPN usage details and more for each VPN across the firewall.

Squid Proxy Reports ? view top talkers, website details, and squid usage summaries specific to squid proxy servers.

Radius Reports ? view top Radius users, request distribution trends, and more for each Radius server.

Custom Reports ? define reporting criteria, set graph parameters, and save reports. Your customers would be impressed J

Scheduled Reporting ? set up schedules for reports to be generated and mailed automatically.

Built-in Database ? comes with an integrated MySQL database that is already configured to store all log data. No external database configurations are needed.

Host OS Support ? Can be installed and run on Windows and Linux systems making it suitable for deployment in a wide range of environments.