What if the system running Applications Manager restarts by itself and the Applications Manager service fails to start?

A quick workaround for this problem would be to make use of the Recovery actions for all Windows Services (available by default) like “Restart the Service” on first failure, and “Run a Program” on second failure. The default recovery action for Applications Manager Service is “Take No Action”, but this can be enabled manually and its a one time effort.

Here are the detailed steps to enable recovery actions for Applications Manager Service:

1. Open the Windows Services list. Right click ManageEngine Applications Manager service and select ‘Properties’

2. In the Recovery tab, select ‘Restart the Service’ option from the list box for First Failure. Specify the minutes after which the service has to be restarted.

3. Select ‘Run a program’ option for second failure. Browse and select the script/program from the system. An example of a typical script will send an email to the network administrator if the service fails to start for the second time.

Hope this tip helps you