13 spooky security threats that happened in 2021

Alan is one of the senior officers of a financial bank in Texas. Alan was looking to buy a Halloween costume and got an email about a sale happening at a store near his neighborhood. He clicked on the email

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How Kaseya fell victim to a ransomware attack

On July 2, 2021, the cybersecurity world woke up to yet another ransomware attack—this time, the victim was Kaseya, a software enterprise that provides IT management solutions predominantly to managed service providers (MSPs). The attack made a huge impact, affecting …

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The role of endpoints in the security of your network

Endpoint security is a hot topic of discussion, especially now with so many businesses shifting to remote work. First, let’s define what endpoints are. Endpoints are end-user devices like desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. They serve as points of access …

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Building a complete network security checklist

Understanding what to audit in a network can be chaotic and confusing. Building a complete network security checklist is crucial for organizations with computers connected to the internet or to each other. Think of it like an antivirus scan you …

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Azure security 101: Security essentials, logs, authentication, and more

Where necessity speaks, it demands”. This old saying seems particularly apt right now with the pandemic forcing organizations to completely change the way they think about their IT networks. That rapid shift to remote work has resulted in a …

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Ransomware in 2021: What has changed? Detection and mitigation strategy

A ransomware attack is a bug that we can’t shake off. Or perhaps, it can even be called a shape-shifter that somehow finds a way into networks, no matter how many armed sentries you’ve deployed in and around your perimeter.…

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Security operations center, Part 3: Finding your weakest link

Any organization with data assets is a possible target for an attacker. Hackers use various forms of advanced cyberattack techniques to obtain valuable company data; in fact, a study by the University of Maryland showed that a cyberattack takes place …

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Dangerous defaults that put your IT environment at risk: IT security under attack

In this blog in the “IT security under attack” series, we wanted to shed some light on an unfamiliar and seldom discussed topic in IT security: the default, out-of-the-box configurations in IT environments that may be putting your network and …

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IT security under attack: Credential dumping attacks in Windows environments

Most of the time, threat actors in the cybersecurity landscape don’t employ advanced techniques and tools to intrude and establish a foothold within networks.  Often, they disguise malicious operations by mimicking the activities of legitimate users, leaving behind little to …

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