Businesses today are more dependent than ever on technology, making strong threat detection and response strategies essential. Cybercriminals in the modern world are constantly looking for new and creative ways to hack into organizational networks and steal sensitive data. Comprehensive visibility is a crucial element that is sometimes paid less attention to yet is the foundation of efficient threat detection and reaction.

Why is comprehensive visibility important?

Comprehensive visibility refers to the ability to monitor and analyze all aspects of an organization’s IT environment. The foundation of effective cyberthreat protection lies in having comprehensive visibility across all aspects of your IT environment. Without visibility, it may be challenging to identify possible dangers and take appropriate action, leaving your business open to cyberattacks.

LastPass was subjected to a major hack in August 2022, which raised alarm among its users given its role as a password management platform. Initially, the company asserted that no information had been pilfered. However, it eventually acknowledged that backups of customer vault data had indeed been compromised in the attack. The hackers gained entry to a shared cloud storage environment where encryption keys for customer vault backups, stored in Amazon S3 buckets, were housed. This breach prompted concerns regarding the security of user passwords stored within the LastPass vault. By possessing comprehensive visibility into the organization’s network infrastructure, it would have been possible to prevent this account takeover attack.

How comprehensive visibility with Log360 enhances security

At the heart of comprehensive visibility is the ability to monitor all areas of the IT environment, including network traffic, endpoint activity, user activity, and application activity. By having a complete view of the IT environment, security teams can identify potential threats and respond proactively to address vulnerabilities and potential attack vectors. Log360, a SIEM solution, offers comprehensive visibility of the entire IT environment, enabling security teams to identify security issues easily. Here’s how:

Log and event monitoring: Collecting logs, correlating them, and analyzing them in real time provides comprehensive visibility. Log360 collects and analyzes logs and events from various sources, such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and antivirus software, allowing security teams to detect and respond to security events effectively.

Anomalous behavior detection: Log360 can analyze patterns of abnormal behavior and alert on deviations such as unusual login attempts, data transfers, or system access. Comprehensive visibility allows security teams to have a baseline understanding of normal behavior, and quickly detect and respond to anomalous activities that may indicate a security breach.

Incident response and investigation: Comprehensive visibility provides the necessary data and context for effective incident response and investigation. Security teams can trace the origin, time of occurrence, and impact of security incidents; understand the scope of the breach; and take appropriate actions to contain and remediate the incident promptly.

Threat intelligence integration: Log360 enables the integration of threat intelligence feeds, providing comprehensive visibility that allows organizations to correlate their internal data with external threat intelligence data. This can provide insights into known threat actors; their tactics, techniques, and procedures; and indicators of compromise, enabling proactive threat hunting and detection.

Cloud infrastructure monitoring: Log360 monitors AWS S3 buckets by collecting real-time logs, providing centralized storage, and analyzing data for threat detection. It offers customizable alerts and notifications, facilitates auditing and compliance reporting, and enables automated incident response workflows for enhanced security.  

Final thoughts

With the ever-evolving nature of security threats, a SIEM solution like Log360 can enable organizations to gain comprehensive visibility across their IT environments. This in turn helps organizations to detect and respond to security threats in real time, enhance their threat hunting capabilities, streamline incident response, and improve their overall cybersecurity posture.

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