Data is your organization’s lifeblood. Ensuring it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands must be a top priority. Data security is a continuous process where you’ll need to protect your data against all threats—whether your data is in use, at rest, or in transit.

The first step in ensuring data security is to determine what data you have and categorize it as sensitive, restricted, unstructured, or redundant, depending on the nature of the data. It’s not possible to enforce a standard, organization-wide policy for categorizing data, as departments may differ on what forms of data they consider as confidential. For instance, the HR department might consider employees’ PII and salary details as confidential, whereas the marketing department might reserve that classification for leads and customer information. But as a general rule of thumb, any data that can uniquely identify a person, plus data involving the organization’s customers, revenue, and copyrighted material, can be considered confidential.

The second step in data security is to audit your most sensitive files and folders and monitor user activity, file modifications, and permission changes. You should also be on the lookout for user accounts that are exhibiting unusual privilege escalations and accessing files they are not authorized to. Organizations can achieve all of this by having a solid data loss prevention (DLP) strategy in place.

But what factors should you consider while planning a DLP strategy or evaluating a DLP solution? Join our webinar to learn more.

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In this webinar, Ram Vaidyanathan, our cybersecurity specialist, will cover:

  • The fundamentals of DLP.

  • How to conduct a simple evaluation of your organization’s data protection needs.

  • The process of content analysis and techniques used to understand how DLP solutions work.

  • The security features a DLP solution should have to protect data at different points of its lifecycle.

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of your DLP program.

This webinar will be conducted across three time zones, so you can choose the time that’s most convenient for you. Once you register, you’ll receive a registration confirmation email containing a link to a relevant blog to help get you started.

Event details

Topic: How to implement an effective data loss prevention strategy

Duration: 45 minutes

Dates and times: July 18, 2pm AEST | 2pm GST and July 19, 11am EDT 

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