Network visibility is the first step towards security. You need to know what activities are happening across your network, who’s involved, and whether the actions are authorized. You need to actively hunt for threats and neutralize them as soon as they’re identified—and a SOC can help you accomplish this.

A SOC helps an organization monitor its network for unusual activities and suspicious events that could lead to a major breach, thwarting attackers before they wreak havoc. SOCs use various cybersecurity tools such as SIEM solutions to accomplish this. Most SOCs are built around a SIEM solution. An effective SIEM solution can help a SOC proactively discover, investigate, respond to, and resolve threats. An organization that fails to adopt a proactive approach is far more likely to fall victim to cyberattacks.

The performance of a SOC forms the cornerstone of an organization’s security management program. But does zero incidents recorded in your SOC mean zero threats in your network? Does one breach mean a SOC failure? What are the KPIs you should be measuring to identify the effectiveness of your SOC?

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In this webinar, Ram Vaidyanathan, our cybersecurity specialist, will cover:

  • How SOCs operate.

  • What to expect from a SOC.

  • The SOC-business fit.

  • Analyst fatigue and turnover.

  • Ways to measure the effectiveness of a SOC.

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Event details

Topic: How to measure the effectiveness of your security operations center

Duration: 45 minutes

Dates and times: June 20, 2pm AEST and 2pm GST | June 21, 11am EDT

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