Chief information security officers (CISOs) are the backbone behind the security infrastructure of organizations. They’re pivotal in standing up and winning against the barrage of cyberattacks organizations face today. CISOs ensure this by staying up to date on emerging attack and security trends and by making the best decisions to ascertain that their organization’s security needs are fully met.

However, with data security increasingly becoming a business-critical risk, CISOs have evolved beyond their role of security leaders to become business leaders. Apart from managing the SOC team, compliance regulations, product security, red teaming, third-party risks, disaster recovery planning, and pen testing, CISOs are also consulted in areas such as technology investments, handling of customer data, and data privacy.

To deliver on all these responsibilities and to ensure the organization’s holistic security, CISOs should track 13 key performance indicators. Tracking these 13 metrics can help CISOs gauge their SOC’s efficiency and see how each security function has progressed over time and against industry benchmarks.

By tracking these cybersecurity KPI metrics, CISOs can communicate clearly with their organization’s board members and obtain the necessary budget funding. These KPIs will also be beneficial in developing a budgeting strategy and utilizing the budget efficiently.

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