Setting up the required defenses against cyberattacks is high on every organization’s list of priorities. They are no longer debating whether they should invest in a cybersecurity solution. Instead, they are now trying to decipher which is the right SIEM or security analytic solution for them and their organization’s requirements.

A SIEM tool is a centralized and robust cybersecurity solution that collects, aggregates, normalizes, categorizes, and analyzes log data. It checks the log data against predefined rules and data from threat intelligence platforms, then leverages machine learning algorithms to detect anomalies and threats. It also alerts security analysts to any potential threats or risks to the organization’s network.

Monitoring, detecting, and responding to any threats or potential threats are the core responsibilities of any organization’s security operations center (SOC), and SIEM is regarded as the heart of every SOC.

Join us in this webinar to learn how to build a robust SOC and the best practices for its success.

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In this webinar, Ram Vaidyanathan, our cybersecurity specialist, will cover:

  • What the main functions of a SOC are.

  • How businesses around the world manage SOCs.

  • How to assess risk and factor it in while building a SOC.

  • Which technology solutions can help you run a SOC effectively.

  • How to create a SOC from scratch.

  • How to improve your SOC continuously.

This webinar will be conducted across three time zones, so you can choose the time that’s most convenient for you. Once you register, you’ll receive a registration confirmation email containing a link to a relevant blog to help get you started.

Event details

Topic: How to build a team to run your SOC and SIEM

Duration: 45 minutes

Dates and times: May 16, 2pm AEST and 2pm GST | May 17, 11am EDT

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