Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are critical components of any mature cybersecurity program. A prime example of this is user and behavior entity analytics (UEBA), the anomaly detection module of modern SIEM solutions.

With its innate learning ability, the ML algorithms powering UEBA help in monitoring and analyzing the behavior of every user and entity to detect anomalies. It does this by using probability and statistical models to continuously learn normal behavior and establish a baseline of expected behavior. Depending on the extent of the deviation, the UEBA engine assigns a suitable risk score. Alerts based on risk scores help analysts differentiate between a real threat and false positives.

Join us in this webinar to learn how AI and ML in cybersecurity have evolved, what it holds for us in the future, and the main elements of an ML-based SIEM solution.

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In this webinar, Ram Vaidyanathan, our cybersecurity specialist, will cover:

  • How AI and ML in cybersecurity began.

  • Detecting time, count, and pattern anomalies.

  • Scoring risks for proactive security.

  • Analyzing peer groups and seasonal factors to improve risk scoring.

  • Modeling anomalies for added flexibility, precision, and effectiveness.

This webinar will be conducted across three time zones, so you can choose the time that’s most convenient for you. Once you register, you’ll receive a registration confirmation email containing a link to an exclusive blog to help get you started. 

Event details 

Topic: The evolution of AI and ML in cybersecurity

Duration: 45 minutes

Dates and times: April 18, 2pm AEST | 2 PM GST and April 19, 11am EDT

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