Monopoly Man, Monopoly Man podcast

We are pleased to launch our first-ever Expert Tech Talk podcast series featuring renowned privacy expert Ian Madrigal, popularly known as the Monopoly Man. Ian, who has championed the cause of data privacy in addition to various other initiatives, joins Sid, IT security expert at ManageEngine, in this two-part podcast series.

In the first episode of this series, Ian shares detailed insights on the importance of data privacy, some of the recent developments in this field, and the trends they expect to see soon.

They also discuss whether organizations should take data privacy seriously, regardless of the need to comply with regulatory mandates.

Here’s a brief look at what’s covered in this episode:

  • Data privacy

    With the topic close to their heart, Ian highlights their detailed thoughts on the importance of data privacy in today’s times. They explain the significance of the sweeping legislative changes enforced in Europe (GDPR) and California (CCPA), which have paved the way for individuals to regain control over their personal data. Ian and Sid also discuss the recent trends in data privacy, and the changes they would like to see implemented.

  • Are companies taking data privacy seriously?

    Now that companies are expected to be more responsible in how they handle individuals’ data due to compliance mandates, Ian strongly believes the law should only serve as a baseline rather than a ceiling. They feel companies should be proactive in taking steps to protect consumer data. 

    Ian also recommends measures such as periodic encryption of data, limiting access to customer data to only those employees in the organization who need it (e.g. sales and support teams), and, last but not least, educating employees on the importance of data security.

    Sid adds further weight to Ian’s thoughts by elaborating on how ManageEngine and its parent company Zoho Corporation stand out from other organizations with their privacy stance and handling of sensitive customer data.

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The final episode of this podcast series will be live on April 21 . Stay tuned to our social media handles to be instantly notified when the podcast is published.