AIOps is no longer considered a buzzword but the inevitable reality of modern IT. With its promising abilities to optimize IT processes, AIOps is poised to transform the way organizations operate in the digital age.

But what exactly it is about AIOps that makes it here to stay? How does one get started with it? What does it mean for businesses and IT teams? And does it really have the potential to change the future of IT operations?

Join our experts as we discuss these questions and more in our upcoming LinkedIn Live!

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How will attending the Live help you?

1. Learn from scratch: It doesn’t matter if this is the first time, you’re hearing about AIOps or you’re a veteran, this event is for all.

 It is a golden opportunity for business leaders, decision-makers, IT professionals, and technology enthusiasts to learn all about AIOps, how it can revolutionize your organization, drive efficiency, and unlock new possibilities.

2. Harness the power of AIOps in ITOps: Learn how AIOps combines the power of AI and ML within IT operations to automate processes, identify patterns, and make intelligent, data-driven decisions, thereby helping you achieve a proactive operational state.

3. Understand the current IT market: Stay aware of the prevailing trends, emerging technologies, and transformative shifts that are shaping the industry. With this knowledge, you can make informed decisions, adapt strategies, and stay ahead of the competition.

4. Discover what lies ahead for AIOps: Explore the limitless capabilities of AIOps and prepare your organization for the exciting advancements and possibilities on the horizon.

5. Industry experts at your service: Gain knowledge from industry experts who will provide valuable insights, use-cases, and proven tips on implementing AIOps within your organization.

6. Actionable takeaways: Walk away from the event armed with actionable strategies and resources that will enable you to kick-start your organization’s AIOps journey confidently.

The future of IT operations is here, and AIOps is leading the charge towards unprecedented efficiency, productivity, and innovation. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of our premiere LinkedIn Live event!

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Join us on Aug. 8 at 12pm EDT, as we explore the impact of AIOps together.

We look forward to welcoming you to our exclusive LinkedIn Live event!

About the speakers

Sharon A Ratna

Sharon A Ratna is a product consultant for ManageEngine’s ITOM suite. She analyzes industry trends and consumer pain points and covers strategic topics on technologies that develop, enhance, and simplify the current solution capabilities and new opportunities in the ITOM domain. Her recent whitepaper on AIOps helps IT leaders and decision-makers gain an exceptional understanding of the rising trend of AI in ITOM.

Cyril Emmanuel G.

Cyril Emmanuel G. is a senior product consultant for ManageEngine’s ITOM solutions, which has helped network performance monitoring and diagnostics (NPMD), IT infrastructure management (ITIM), and application performance management (APM) teams from Fortune 100 companies worldwide for 20 years. His in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by ITOps teams, and expertise in the solutions that help tackle these challenges, places him in a unique position to speak on the state of IT and how to be poised for success in an evolving business world.