As businesses make their transition to the cloud, administrators find themselves with the task of migrating their on-premises Exchange environments to Exchange Online. This migration journey includes multiple challenges, like preserving data integrity, addressing security concerns, ensuring minimal downtime, and delivering seamless user experiences.

Solving migration challenges with ease

Migrating to Exchange Online poses a unique challenge to administrators, especially when a large amount of mailbox data needs to be migrated. Some of the complexities include:

  • Ensuring that the data is transferred completely, and without any errors, to preserve data integrity.

  • Migrating the data when business productivity is least likely to be affected, while also ensuring that the process doesn’t overload the Exchange servers.

  • Knowing the status of the migration process and being alerted to any errors during the migration process.

  • Managing the hybrid Exchange environment until migration to the cloud is complete.

Stress-free migration

Exchange Reporter Plus offers a comprehensive set of features to streamline your migration to Exchange Online. Seamlessly migrate data to pre-existing Exchange Online mailboxes or automatically create new mailboxes in Exchange Online. You can also apply Microsoft 365 licenses automatically to ensure there’s no drop in productivity. With the intuitive migration filters, you can exclude specific folders and set the time-based filters to determine which data is migrated, giving you the flexibility to manage the transition according to your precise needs.

Exchange migration: More than just data transfer

Exchange migration isn’t just about the data transfer process; it’s about effectively monitoring and managing your hybrid Exchange environment. Exchange Reporter Plus can help report on, audit, and monitor your hybrid Exchange environment until your migration is complete, at zero additional cost.

Are you ready to embark on a seamless migration journey?

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