Due to social distancing mandates following the COVID-19 crisis, organizations around the world have asked their employees to work remotely, making email communications more important than ever for disparate teams to collaborate. Unfortunately, this has made it easy for threat actors to launch email-based cyberattacks.

According to the FBI, email related threats have accounted for more than half the reported losses ($1.77 billion) due to cybercrime last year. It also anticipates that business email compromise (BEC) schemes related to the COVID-19 pandemic will ramp up in the coming days.

Hence, it’s imperative for organizations to boost their email security. One of the most important steps towards email security is to ensure that you have maximum visibility over your Exchange servers. You should be able to:

  • Detect malicious emails and list the sender and recipient names, time of reception, and more.
  • View the top spam and malware recipients in your organization.
  • Track changes to mailbox permissions.
  • Monitor the mailbox activities of owners, administrators, and delegates.

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