The world has become accustomed to remote work, and companies have adapted to this change. However, working remotely—far from a permanent and secured perimeter—is exactly what hackers have been doing all along. Working in this type of environment is their forte.

Many organizations are only just beginning to realize the security risks associated with remote work. Hackers have had this knowledge for a while, and they’re heavily banking on leveraging it. This is why it has become more important than ever that organizations fortify their security, especially for the remote workforce.

Password security is one crucial area that remote workers underestimate. There are four main challenges with remote work that could leave users’ passwords vulnerable:

  • Users might not be able to change their account passwords.

  • Users may not be able to update their changed passwords in their network.

  • Users set weak or already compromised passwords while changing/resetting their account passwords.

  • Only one authentication factor is available, which significantly reduces security.

Password security solutions are designed and loaded with functions that tackle these risks and more. Our e-book discusses how you can use a password management solution to tackle password-related risks. You can download the e-book here, and learn how you can ensure that hackers don’t have the advantage over your organization when it comes to password security.