Remote work brings with it a fair share of challenges for IT admins. For example, when users contact admins to reset or change their Active Directory passwords remotely, the new credentials aren’t updated in their devices, as those devices are not connected to the Active Directory network.

ADSelfService Plus is a solution that can tackle remote work challenges like these. This tool, along with ManageEngine’s entire suite of identity and access management (IAM) solutions, is now free for 60 days to help organizations that have switched to a remote work environment in response to the current health crisis.  

Let’s dive in to see how ADSelfService Plus tackles remote work challenges:

  • With ADSelfService Plus, admins can allow employees to change or reset their passwords, or unlock their accounts right from their logon screens even when away from the office premises. These processes are also secured with strong multi-factor authentication (MFA) measures such as Duo Security, RSA SecurID, and RADIUS.

  • Users can log on securely to their Windows, Linux, or Mac systems using two-factor authentication. Users can logon only after successfully authenticating with two different factors, such as a password combined with YubiKey, Google Authenticator, or an SMS one-time password (OTP), making it twice as secure.

  • Users no longer have to remember multiple passwords; ADSelfService Plus comes with enterprise single sign-on (SSO) for all SAML-enabled applications. Just logging in to the solution gives users access to all their applications, and it’s secure thanks to MFA.

  • IT admins can ensure that users set strong passwords for their accounts with the password policy enforcer. Admins can prevent users from having dictionary words, breached passwords, or usernames as passwords, and they can also upload their own password dictionaries. On top of this, different password policies can be set for different organizational units (OUs) and groups.

If you think your organization can benefit from using ADSelfService Plus’ wide range of features, you can register here to get your free, 60-day license, and start using the solution that can meet all your remote password management needs.