Have you ever heard these comments about the Windows password expiration notifications?

          I never saw the password notification “bubble.”

          The balloon notification doesn’t display on most users’ workstations.

          A very easy-to-miss bubble hovers there for a few seconds, then fades away.

          By default, Windows 7 has set all icons and notifications on the taskbar to be partially hidden.

          The password balloon will remain hidden from the domain user.

If you try to get a solution from Microsoft to solve these and other issues, such as notifying remote users, you will get a list of solutions including:


          Microsoft Identity Management (MIM) Forefront Identity Management (FIM)

          Microsoft Change Notification Service


A quick look at each of the links above will give you an idea of how “easy” these solutions are. Many of them mention expensive, third-party solutions that are hard to configure. I guess they haven’t seen ManageEngine’s solution, which is free, easy, and unlimited! You can see for yourself how ADSelfService Plus solves it all here.

Now, with a simple install, you can have powerful control over who receives which notifications, phased email reminders, and SMS and email support. So you can finally ensure that all users get the notifications they need to efficiently change their passwords in plenty of time.


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